Printed materials are a great way to promote a business – and MVM exists to do exactly that. But we don’t want people to think that our services are exclusive to institutions. We want individuals to enjoy the same efficient and professional printing services we make available to companies of every size and level. This is why we now offer entrepreneurs to collaborate with us in crafting their own personalised business cards.

Printing business cards and distributing them is one of the most stylish ways to make important contacts and cast a wide net of influence within any industry. E-mails with important information are easy to delete, but cards make an impression that’s difficult to replicate in a world of soft-copy data. Not to mention that they provide a sense of professionalism that guarantees a memorable exchange.

The best part about having business cards is that even though they’re physical they still have the potential to go viral. If you share your business card with someone, there’s a chance that they’ll share it with someone else. It creates a chain of people who have your information in their palms. This is an indirect form of marketing that’s a more personal experience for the receiver, which makes them more likely to reach out.

Our creative department will work closely with you to reach a format and formulate a design that best represents your image. Make your name walk the balance between interesting and professional with the guiding hand of our teams that have years of experience in doing just that. Make the right impression, not just on the people you intend it for, but for anyone who will see your business card.

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